Just That Kind of Day

I took my Media, Ethics and Society exam this morning at  11:30 and I think I did just fine.

Then I spent an hour brushing up the eight-page take-home final exam for my International Law class, printed it out, walked across the grassy quad to the Zageir building where the poli sci people live, and slipped it under Dr. Gibney’s door.

Then I drove over to Rosie’s and we sat on her fine front porch. Her BF Greg told us about the developing lineup for this summer’s Laugh Your Asheville Off comedy festival, and I got invited to the boozy blast that is Greg’s 30th birthday party this Saturday. BYOB, pot luck and camping.

We sat in the sun on a perfect spring day, the nearly cloudless blue-and-gold-green kind that tempts you with a coming summer that feels like it’s already here in all its sweaty splendor.

God I love the South.

I drove to my local polling place and voted — really voted, my primary presidential pick actually matters this time! As always, I saw my five-star nerd of a former calculus professor. He volunteers like clockwork to work at the polls for every election because he is as civic-minded and political as they come. (He still remains, without a doubt, the person mentioned most often in this blog. Do you remember those days?)

I drove home and waved to my neighbor, out walking her dachsund in the sun. Now a quick lunch of cottage cheese and lentil soup, and back to the work of finals and freelancing.

Exams left: One take-home, one in class tomorrow.

Days left in the spring 2008 semester: TWO.

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