North and South Knitalong

Looks like there might be a dual-hemisphere knitalong among me (representing the Northern Hemisphere) and Heather (guest-knitting from the Southern Hemisphere in Cochabamba, Bolivia) and our knitting friends and family this June. (A “knitalong,” BTW, is when a loosely connected group of people all work on knitting the same pattern in the same general timeframe.)

Anyone have any ideas for a project that is good for a fairly new knitter, fun to do in warm weather and only takes a month or so to complete? Leave a comment if you do!

Anyone can join in — just send email, leave a comment or check back in with the blog.

You MUST reside in either the Northern or Southern hemisphere to participate.

7 responses to “North and South Knitalong

  1. So far, I am leaning towards proposing the Everlasting Bagstopper:

  2. Hmm, I seem to recall that I bought hemp for just this project, once upon a time. I must root through the stash. (I dimly recall that the hemp I bought was not the correct weight. I’ll check. Worst case scenario, I’ll have to buy more yarn. Oh noes!) The Everlasting Bagstopper seems like it would be fun.

  3. I know Heather wants to make a string bag, too. I still want to run my idea by her, but I think this is a perfect project.

    I am glad to have you aboard, my friend.

  4. Two other candidates:

    Saturday market bag:
    Saturday Market Bag

    Elisa’s Nest tote

  5. Ha! I checked my stash – I have some fine gauge hemp AND the EB pattern together. Great minds think alike. I’ll show it to you on Tuesday. (I’m not married to the EB pattern, I just got the hemp thinking it would be a good thing to have.)

  6. Hey lady, I thought you might like to know: twice now when I have been passing throught the city to my class I have seen a small group of women knitting. I think I might join them somtime! I need to find some yarn first. I found a store that sells lots of synthetic, but no alpaca yet….there´s still the market.

  7. I could be up for this, we’re all going to need these bags and soon! I have a couple balls of Berocco Naturlin that I think would work. Great idea!

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