Semester Grades Spring 2008

I’d be more upset about my first non-math C

if I did not know that knowledge was far more important than grades,

and also that while I like that guy IMO his quiz and exam questions need improvement.

Ah the peace of maturity

where the perfectionist realizes that perfectionism is a symptom of feelings of inadequacy

and that no one really cares what grades I make, so long as I learn and, eventually


I did poli sci for myself as a treat, not because I wanted to pursue it professionally but because

at the end of the day

after long annoying classes of media ethics and international communication:

poli sci tastes just like chocolate.

2 responses to “Semester Grades Spring 2008

  1. I just graduated in polisci (and mass comm) at UNCA. Sabo is a difficult one! And boy, isn’t West entertaining (he and Dr Dolly were my respective department mentors during my 5 years in school). Enjoy the summer break!

  2. Hey Keri! OMG, I can’t believe you are in the same departments at the same college!

    Yes, Sabo was hard, and weird in that I felt like I liked and understood the material but was flummoxed by his questions. Sometimes I honestly think older students see the world in a more complex way that just doesn’t lend itself well to answering 100-level questions. I learned a lot and liked and class, and Sabo, a lot, though.

    I tend to place blame on myself, but even I wasn’t always sure exactly what he was asking — though others did better than I in the class, so clearly somebody got what was going on better than I did.

    You could say West is entertaining, yes…

    You enjoy your summer, too!

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