Scrambled Egg Recipe

I’m not sure if this is Tex-Mex, Persian or Indian. A little of all of them, I suppose.

I invented it this morning and it is really good.

Organic eggs and tomatoes do make a difference in this recipe. Free-range/organic eggs are fresher and organic tomatoes are a really big improvement on the other kind, which can be mealy and flavorless.

Jennifer’s Eggs

* organic tomato or organic cherry tomatoes, about ½ cup per person

* 1 ½-2 eggs per person

* shredded cheddar cheese

* turmeric

* chili powder

* hot sauce

Dice tomato/ cut cherries in halves.

Saute tomato pieces in olive oil. Season GENEROUSLY with turmeric and chili powder (it’s very hard to use too much of these spices).

When tomatoes are hot all through, add eggs and cheese. Cook, stirring with spatula, until eggs are moist but not wet and form soft curds.

Serve with hot sauce, buttered toast and veggie sausage. HELL YEAH.

2 responses to “Scrambled Egg Recipe

  1. That sounds yummy – I’m putting turmeric on my grocery list. Betcha it’d be good rolled up in a tortilla, too.

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