Kate’s Delicious Plantain Recipe

When I saw my friend Kate recently, she shared with me a simple, no-fry plantain recipe I was dying to try, especially since I had two ripening plantains on my kitchen counter, sitting on a tea towel, waiting to be devoured by the plantain-loving me.

I tried her recipe last night and it is SO worth sharing, not to mention ridiculously easy. NO deep-frying plantains in this recipe — you just bake them!

For those new to the plantain, it’s a starchy Caribbean fruit that looks like a large, ugly, overrripe banana. It has a firmer, meatier texture than a banana, and is commonly eaten cooked rather than raw. It’s sweet and delicious, kind of a comfort food.

Kate’s Baked Plantains

Wait until plantains are mostly dark brown-black and really ripe. Don’t worry if the skins show a little mold. The fruit is OK.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Peel plantains and slice them lengthwise.

Put them in a lightly greased baking pan. Drizzle with oil and salt generously. (The salt will cut the cloying sweetness of the plantain in a VERY delicious way.)

Bake for 10 minutes. Serve hot.

Eat as a snack or side dish, plain or with tomatillo salsa or the sweet or savory dipping sauce of your choice.


You know, at least once this month I’ve wanted to write a long, lovely blog entry, and had something to write about, but didn’t have time. The semester ended on May 8 and I am still waiting for a breather.

I picked up a technical project on the 9th and a web project the following week. And I realized I needed to get cracking on the media internship I need to graduate, so I inquired at a local new media group, explaining my strengths and asking if they had anything I could work on this summer.

Things happened VERY fast and I got a summer screenwriting internship in barely a week. I’ve been working on a VERY cool animated science movie series for three days already.

The group likes my work so much that I am already being told there will be opportunities for me in the future, which I am delighted to hear, since frankly I have had a crush on this organization for years. I am part of a 9-member team and so far everyone I have worked with has been lovely, truly exceptionally encouraging, helpful, accepting, creative and easy to work with. I felt like part of the group from my first day. It’s like a dream, or at least it would be if I could just have a little break in it somewhere to catch my mental, physical and emotional breath after the end of the semester.

I’m also writing copy for a website about AIR CONDITIONERS (exciting), helping out with a wedding taking place on the 31st, knitting my first sweater and editing an 8-page case study. Not only am I still waiting for the breather I’ve needed and deserved since school let out, it’d be nice to wash my gross sinkful of dishes sometime this week, or to have some proper time to get ready for summer and my new summer mode of life (and get a pedicure).

It’d be nice to have a little time to write for myself, too. I miss the blog. Here’s to a nice rest soon, to give me some perspective on what just finished and what is beginning, and what the summer will hold. I have no complaints, save that I wish I had some time to think and plan and savor, and not just rush through what is undeniably a very fine start to the season.

3 responses to “Kate’s Delicious Plantain Recipe

  1. I hear ya – the summer’s starting out so wonderfully, but it’s hard to appreciate when I feel swamped.

    Used to go to a meeting where people would tell me, “Breathe!” when I’d get so overwhelmed. Even good stuff can be overwhelming when there’s a lot.

    Speaking of good stuff, how are the peonies?

  2. Congrats on the screenwriting gig! And I hope you get that breather sooner rather than later.

    FYI: I don’t know if you use a feed-reader, but I recently screwed up my site’s feed. If you were subscribed, you’ll probably have to resubscribe. If not, disregard this.

  3. Sorry about your feed! I am not a feed-reader, but I read so many blogs now that I think I need to switch. Thanks for the heads-up anyway. :0)

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