Summer String-Bag KAL in Two Hemispheres

Farmer\'s Market Bag from Knit.1 magazine

The two-hemisphere summer string-bag knitalong is on for June with a fast, summery knit that you can use for summertime schlepping as well as trips to the grocery story and the farmer’s market.

If you knit or crochet, you are invited to join the following persons in a string-bag KAL:

me, Jennifer

Heather 1

Heather 2



This string-bag KAL is in honor of my friend Heather G., whom I had hoped to knit all summer with but who ended up 3,800 miles away in Bolivia on a two-month stint to learn about healthcare in poor communities and work on her Spanish. Check out her experiences in Cochabamba on her blog, Chicken Lips.

Reusable market bags, BTW, are a very good idea that is catching on. It took me awhile to get the hang of remembering my reusable bags in the car, but I use them now most of the time and feel guilty when I don’t. Talk about a small thing anyone can do, and a chance to share an easy meme for (small but) positive change. At earnest-minded stores like my local Earth Fare, an organic grocery, not using your own reusable bags now verges on a social faux pas. And you get a little discount for bringing your own bags.

Kate is making the Everlasting Bagstopper, an easy, two-skein knit project.

Market Tote II by Joan1

I’m considering making the Elisa’s Nest Tote with the “toe-up” cast-on and mods (Ravelry link) to make a bigger opening. That or I will just make the bagstopper also, since, frankly, it seems to be the bag that the modded nest tote wants to be…

Here’s the fancy new yarn I am using, bought just for the occasion from Purl’s:

Hand-dyed Araucania cotton yarn, Ulmo Multy. (Sounds like the weird name of a villain in a Kids in the Hall sketch.) Pricey, but I only need two skeins, and I liked having South American yarn because of Heather being in South America, and knitting her bag in Bolivia.

Crocheters can check out the Provence Crocheted Market bag, or use their own pattern.

If you want to join the knitalong, just comment here or send email. Knit or crochet a market bag sometime in June. If you have a blog, take pics and post them.

5 responses to “Summer String-Bag KAL in Two Hemispheres

  1. Just added — Purl herself from Purls! That’s six of us.

  2. heather l gourley

    I´ve started my bag already!! I´m doing the monkey bag from Ravelry. I don´t have the link…sorry! I can´t find natural yarn here to save my life. So, I´m doing a lime green acrylic. It´s going to be marvelous…I can see it already.
    much love

  3. Glad I’m not the only impatient one. I started mine, and that cotton yarn is wonderful to knit, Jennifer. Hurray for KALs!

  4. D’ohh! I want to wait until June, just so I can work more on my sweater! I’ll be casting on soon!

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