Asheville WWKIP Day Event June 14

As all knitting knerds know, World Wide Knit in Public Day is held annually in June. WWKIP Day will be celebrated this year literally all over the world, with events in Perth, Lisbon, Paris, Ontario, Buenos Aires… you name it.

Here’s a flier for the 2008 Asheville event: wwkip-asheville. I’m pretty sure that 2008 marks Asheville’s first-ever observation of WWKIP Day. Hope to see all you Asheville yarn-crafters there!

From the flier:





Knitters do it once a year.

In the park.

And everybody likes to watch.

Saturday, June 14

11 a.m. -2 p.m.

Charlotte Street Park (corner of Macon

and Charlotte Street in North Asheville)

Bring a chair or blanket
lunch/something to drink/cooler/snacks to share…
yarn to swap or give away…

Show the world that knitting is alive, well and public.
All crafters and yarnworkers welcome — newbies too!

2 responses to “Asheville WWKIP Day Event June 14

  1. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for the invite to this via Ravelry. I’m going to try like heck to be there. Let’s hope like heck it’s not 90 degrees! Or worse, 95 like today. Where are you a student? I work at UNCA in the Physics Dept. No, I don’t teach Physics. The students ask me to help them with their homework as a joke. Thanks for organizing this. I assume we’re all going to trek over to Purl’s later for a pick me up? Har.

  2. Hey Laura Sue. This evil heat wave is supposed to back off tomorrow. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a temperate and clear day… It’ll be disgusting to work with wool in 95 degree weather.

    Yes, I’m at UNCA. I came within a hair of becoming a physics major, but changed from chem to Mass Comm after a long, sad battle with calculus. I emerged victorious but too beaten up to fight like that much longer.

    Hell yeah we should go to Purl’s (SALE) and then to the bar. :0)

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