String Bag Knitalong Update #1: Go Bagstopper, Go!

Attention conservation notice: This post is exclusively about knitting.

I started a string bag knitalong for June with some friends: Kate, Heather G., Heather V., Elizabeth, Lindsey and Kerri. Here’s my first update…

I liked the Everlasting Bagstopper, but didn’t like its sewn-on ribbon handle.

I preferred the Elisa’s Nest Tote way of doing things, with an applied i-cord border and two i-cord handles. So I on June 1 I cast on what will probably become a hybrid bag I hope will give me what I want: a reinforced bottom and two knitted handles rather than a ribbon strap.

With luck I will have enough yarn to do the bag this way; if not, I think I have some contrasting cotton yarn that might work for the handles.

All I can say about this bag so far is that I like it so much I will be very nerdily excited to shop with it for the first time. I am having knitting nerdlust for this bag rather early in our relationship.

Araucania Ulmo Multy cotton has short stripes, making it sort of multicolored rather than striped in a way that I think I like. I think the yarn is splitty and not recommended for newbies (Kate doesn’t quite seem to find it so, but I do), but it’s lovely to look at and I hope it will wear well as a string bag. In the future (and I think I WILL be knitting more of these bags; I may try to wear one as underwear) I think I’ll try something more durable (colorfast, not prone to mildew, not splitty), though I really love the colors of the bag.

To start my multicolored, modified Bagstopper I had to put aside another project: my first sweater. I was making it for my friend Gary’s birthday. I started in in early May for a late May birthday, ha ha. Never having made a sweater before, I didn’t realize I had no clear idea of how long it would take me to make one.

And one month was not enough. As the G-Man’s birthday rolled around, I was in denial for awhile (knitters, I know you understand), but soon realized that my sweater, while lovely and turning out well, being only half done would really only work as a tube top for Gary, with matching detached wool sleeves much like incredibly weird handless opera gloves. Seeing as how Gary is not a Eurotrash homosexual Ukrainian man, I decided to give the sweater to him later, for Christmas.

It’s Jared Flood’s lovely Cobblestone sweater, knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

And really, it was just as well I wasn’t able to finish it. Do you know what the South is like in late May? Yesterday the I saw first fireflies of the year and today it’s supposed to reach 90 degrees. Hey Gary, here’s your heavy wool sweater! Need an electric blanket or a cup of hot cocoa with that, or should I just stand in the corner and mutter insane gibberish as you stare at me blankly?

I got Gary the new Tyler Ramsey CD.

If you’re in the knitalong, please feel free to comment here about your progress or link to your blog. I know Kate (who is also knitting with the Araucania: pics) and Heather G. (straight outta Cochabamba, Bolivia) have also both started theirs.

One response to “String Bag Knitalong Update #1: Go Bagstopper, Go!

  1. Oh, yes, knitters know exactly what you mean! La la la, that’s what it’s supposed to look like … yes really … I want my mittens to be twice as large as my hands! Yes, really, yes …. oh, no.

    Good on you for realizing the virtues of rescheduling. Can’t wait to see the bag progress!

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