Market Bag Progress June 9

Eight days in and I LOVE this bag. I love how it is knitting up to look like it is tie-dyed!

I think it’s worthy of giving to my mom as part of her birthday present this July.

I’m already trying to think of the next yarn to try with this pattern.

9 responses to “Market Bag Progress June 9

  1. Looking good! I ripped my i-cord edging and made i-cord handles instead – the first one went fast, fast, fast, and I got a start on the second last night. This is a fun knit and I love the yarn. I have barely used the second skein, too.

  2. Make sure to share the pattern when you’re finished!

  3. It’s a freebie!

    Right now I think I will be making some serious mods, I will post about them as the work progresses.

    Did you get my email about trivia?

  4. Wow – beautiful! I tried knitting once. It didn’t work out so well, so those who can knit amaze me with the pieces they create.

  5. Cute! Nice job JS!! I’m going to start mine tonight!

  6. AM, some people try knitting and just don’t like it. (I hear crocheting is easier and faster.) To do it well and enjoy it requires patience, attention to detail and the ability to cope with fiddly, complex tasks — not everybody can do this, or more correctly, not everybody feels being patient, attentive and fiddly for 20 hours is worth it to get a market bag.

    Lindsey, can’t wait to see your bag. Thanks for the superb yarn recommendation(s).

  7. Hey, Jennifer,

    I’m really interested in your modifications of this pattern. I bet ribbon yarn would look super with this pattern!

  8. First of all, I knitted with smaller needles for a tighter mesh than the pic. I am loose knitter and used 9s and got just the size holes I wanted.

    The mods I made are here:

    The bagstopper is knit in the round, so I had to adapt them as the link is to a bag that’s knit flat.

    Once I had the bag body the length I wanted, I slipped ALL the stitches onto a length of waste yarn to eyeball where to bind off and where to put in handles per the diagram in the link. Then I placed markers. If you are using a long enough circ needle, you might be able to eyeball with the knitting still on the needles.

    Then I just worked a round, binding off a few inches on one side, doing the handle, binding off o the other side, doing the other handle. Then I grafted the handles on just like the diagram shows.

    If you have any questions, send email and I will give you my phone number. I think I’ll be knitting at the pub this Fri, too.


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