Animation Clips From the First “Water in WNC” Movie

Here’s some links to short animated clips from the first movie of the water-issues series I’m working on. Animations are from Robert Klein of Klein Digital, and they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Click on the images to see the clips.

Here’s an animation of my hometown of Asheville, with impervious, water-shedding surfaces shown in red:


This is an animation of the terrible 2004 floods that hit a flood-plain neighborhood in my city, permanently destroying businesses, property and livelihoods. Total damage to the area was $200 million:

The same set of storms (the remnants of TWO hurricanes, Frances and Ivan, hovering over Asheville and raining for days on end) killed people in a freak mudslide in a nearby city.


The image and link below are not video footage! This is a landscape flyover animation of the North Fork Reservoir, the local reservoir that serves my region’s water needs:

I grew up in the second-closest house close to this reservoir, so close I could see it from my porch. I’ve walked its shores and touched its waters. I gave someone directions to my old house yesterday: take the right fork, go until you come to a dirt road, pass the horse pasture on your left…

Now that I think about it, growing up by the North Fork Reservoir is a huge part of who I am.

More info on the animations here.

PS: Yes, this is a really fabulous internship opportunity.

2 responses to “Animation Clips From the First “Water in WNC” Movie

  1. Cool! I’ve worked on a few small multimedia/interactive/animated/video projects myself…they can be quite time-intensive, but also really, really fun.

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