Summer Fantasy Market Bag

I have to say that this bag turned out GREAT. It (and the gorgeous Araucania Ulmo Multy yarn) was the hit of WWKIP Day.

I’m HOOKED on string bags.

I’m giving my beautiful string bag to my mom for her birthday.

The Asheville WWKIP Day event I facilitated was a big success. Nice turnout, lovely people, new friends and Joni saved the day by getting us a tarp because it did indeed rain not too long after this pic was taken.

A string bag, knitters, is not only a great way to wean yourself off plastic shopping bags. It’s also an ideal present for people who don’t like wool or handknits. And as it’s a useful item for shopping, the beach or general schlepping, a bag is just about THE most practical thing you can knit.

Which isn’t to say it can’t be a thing of beauty. If you listen carefully, you can hear that my bag has the ability to softly emit Jay Ferguson’s “Thunder Island.”

5 responses to “Summer Fantasy Market Bag

  1. Ha! I just gave mine to my mom, too! Great minds think alike. Yours turned out beautifully. Thanks, Lindsay, for having such great yarn at Purls, too. (No thanks for the Thunder Island earworm, though, Jennifer. Heh.)

  2. That looks BEAUTIFUL!! I finished the knitting on mine too, of course I didn’t do the knitted handles. Going to put on the straps today.

    Thanks for the fun Knit-a-long!

  3. Yes, I would love to do a Knitty shoot! I have the perfect place, those shopping ladies in front of Malaprops, maybe they can ‘hold’ our bags! My camera is just so-so, not sure if I can get a good enough quality pic.

    Actually, I do know a girl who claims to be a photography, maybe she can help us out! I’d love to see your string bag bookmarks too…

  4. My cam is the same way. Plus I know nothing about composition… Let’s keep thinking about it!

  5. I love the bag!!!! I had hoped to stop by Saturday but I was at home all day.

    Please come by the house one day!


    PS. Baby M looks like me. It is about time ONE of my FOUR children did!

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