Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator: Write Speeches for the Sky

Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator takes the text from a URL and generates a poem with it.

This one was generated using my blog, and cleaned up only slightly.

If you have a blog, won’t you generate a poem and paste a link?

Jennifer is into summer, I
think they always changing
it work with
images, to
say that my part of
contentment a
friend had to do what the series
the days a job leads,
deeping friendships and nonprofit that began last night Recent Comments
Attention conservation
notice: This is knitting
I have let
think I am back
at this job for shopping, the
house yesterday: I am new corporate client.
list. Anyway, he’s lovely people, who
live far from an applied border none !
important: I cross
the Writer & is
exclusively about this is
slipping lower down all
kind of
course this Midsummer
is strangely
alien and ask questions, let
myself be Not knowing, things My life rainwater
falls on June 21, 2008 in Life, seen a man,
I can roll up for June with this
way; that I had
lunch with another
and the worst of fun to
her back to write
Speeches for the
sky and animated
clips Here but today it was for an apple
or general schlepping, a breathtaking sense of
that day of fun to it.
Do forever.

One response to “Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator: Write Speeches for the Sky

  1. here’s mine:

    Nice Marmot /* */ Something to do… parts
    anyway. oh, prisoners of Wernher
    vonBraun Posted in which
    I hate the band…Posted in
    8230;parts anyway. oh, and the worst people
    Shopping Fascination with/tags on May
    2008 March 2008 May 4 Because this is here
    and bulls – all your extensive
    digital music collection. of blogging lately¹. As
    the stock market rises and down on someone
    will ask how we turned
    around the
    Olsen Twins or randomly satisfying bowel movements.

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