Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Writing

Zac’s Blog

Zac Sunderland, aged 16, is trying to become the youngest person ever to sail around the world in a yacht.


This is his blog.


Enchanted Gypsy

The Enchanted Gypsy is a biofuel bus. Pixie and her husband, Moss (who clearly need to come live in Asheville), drive around the U.S. in it, raising their daughter and selling music and handmade items.

Pixie is a great writer and I find her courage and success in living her life exactly as she wants to very inspiring.

Her blog contains the most strangely powerful account of giving birth I have ever read. I’ve always asked people who have had babies what it felt like, and Pixie is the first to give me an answer that satisfied.


Joy the Baker

Beautiful, happy sugar-porn and great easy ideas for sweets from Joy herself.



A German expat explores and lives in Southeast Asia, always making it sound like something an ordinary person could do — and should do.


Science Musings Blog

If you like my blog, you will love this one. Author/natural science prof emeritus Chet Raymo explores science, faith and human nature from the perspective of someone so amazed to find himself alive on this beautiful planet that his work is a never-ending lovesong to creation.

2 responses to “Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Writing

  1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for adding me to your list! You are probably right, this kind of lifestyle isn’t for everyone – even though plenty of people dream about it. But if you really want to, you can. The laws of attraction are in your favor and who said that you can’t live your dreams and have to work forever? Anyway – wish you all the best on your ventures from Bali. ;-)


  2. Thanks Chris! It’s my pleasure to support your writing, your blog and your ideas.

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