Certain Sign of Summer

It’s Stitch and Pitch night, y’all!

Last year I only went to one ballgame, but it was a humdinger.

I’ll be at McCormick Field again tonight with my knit night gang & a crowd of friends celebrating the birthday of one of our number.

It’s Thirsty Thursday, so PBR’s and sodas are $1 all night. Let’s all get drunk on Pepsi! Hells yeah! Knitters rule!

Summer’s here! I’m on vacation! See you at the ballpark!

Please feel free to watch this outstanding video and insert “ball park” for every occurrence of “gay bar.”


2 responses to “Certain Sign of Summer

  1. I don’t know much about ballparks, but that song sure sounded familiar.

    Here’s a link to another video — not near as slick as Abes in assless chaps, but it nonetheless had me laughing the first three times I watched it.


  2. Wow, the whole context of that song is different when you realize that the first word is “GIRL.”

    Check this out:

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