Sunday Song: “Sign In Stranger,” Steely Dan

Proto-cyberpunk? (William Gibson is a big Steely Dan fan. Really.)


Special bonus: the Steely Dan Dictionary.

4 responses to “Sunday Song: “Sign In Stranger,” Steely Dan

  1. i lurve steely dan! and i hadn’t seen their dictionary site; thanks Jen!

    who am i?

    Just a-nother scur-vy bro-ther!

  2. I am the hugest SD fan evah.

  3. I used to have a bootleg of extremely early tracks that SD recorded when they were playing with Jay and the Americans and loved it so much i wore it out. Glad to know another Steely Danophile! Now, do you also love William Burroughs? :)

  4. I cannot say that I do! At least, I am not yet familiar enough with his work to have an opinion….

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