Music Post: Wilco, Fleet Foxes

Via the music blog I Am Fuel, You Are Friends by blogger Heather Browne, I see that a band I discovered the other day and really like, Fleet Foxes, is touring this summer with my all-time faves, the soundtrack of my life, my main heartbeat of a band for a good ten years now: Wilco. Now that’s a lineup.

With a screencap from the Fleet Foxes MySpace page Heather notes how the band feels about opening for Wilco:

Here’s the Fleet Foxes song everybody loves, the one I just added to my winter mixtape, White Winter Hymnal. I hear Band of Horses, I hear America, I hear Iron & Wine. This song is like Angela Carter’s The Company of Wolves had a baby with the Beach Boys.

And Wilco fans, hold on to your fucking hats! Check out these posts from Heather for a zipped, streamable, downloadable collection of cover songs by Wilco. Nick Lowe, the Kinks, Steely Dan… MINE MINE MINE!

Thank you for the good stuff Heather!

3 responses to “Music Post: Wilco, Fleet Foxes

  1. DOWNLOADABLE!!!!! Most awesome! ThANK YOU!

  2. Yeah, Sarah Kate is turning into a little lady ;-)

    Wow. That Wilco stuff is bad ASS! Thanks for the heads up. I’ve purged my RSS Reader of anything not work related lately to curb the distractions (including music blogs), so I’m glad you posted this or I woulda missed it.

    PS: Come visit on Plurk. It’s my favorite over Twitter. Here’s my link:

    Here’s why a lot of people like Plurk:


  3. Sarah Kate is becoming a beautiful young woman. Smart, too.

    Will check out Plurk.

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