I can’t lie. I am crazy for the Twitter.

I read about Twitter in a friend’s post to Blog Asheville and didn’t get it. One day I just up and installed it. And totally fell for it.

I find I use it socially, to enjoy little updates from friends. Blogs tell about big news and big thoughts, and in my life Twitter serves a humbler and more endearing function, allowing me to give and receive little updates. One friend announces he’s taking a nap. Another that his band is playing the French Broad Tasting Room. Another that she just got takeout from Lucky Otter.

Here’s what it looks like:

All of this is incredibly boring unless these people are your friends and blog colleagues, in which case their naps, meals and little epiphanies become fun to know and read, in close to real time if you check in often enough.

I’m sure it drives traffic to your blog and all kinds of good bloggy things, but mostly I like reading about Don’s ideas and Eric rocking out to Metallica at work.

Twitter’s a friendly little app. Give it a try and send me a Tweet. I’ll be listening.

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