Summer Tomato Sandwich

The tomato sandwich is a Southern favorite eaten only in summer, and only with really good tomatoes. A classic recipe is white bread, summer tomatoes, mayo, salt and pepper. I made a new version today with what I had to hand and really liked it.

Possibly Heretical Nouveau Appalachian Summer Tomato Sandwich


Slice your tomato how you like it. (The whole point of the sandwich is the tomato, which should ideally be homegrown, red and ripe. Meaty and juicy rather than mealy and chambered. Deep orange-red rather than pink. If you don’t have access to a tomato dealer, hit your local farmer’s market.)

Toast an onion roll. Cut whatever cheese you have around into thin slices.

Put the cheese on the toasted roll while the roll is still warm.

Spread the other side of the onion roll with mayo. Top it with tomato. Generously salt and pepper the tomato.

Optional: Fresh spinach. Fresh basil.

This was a very tasty light summer lunch! Should have taken a pic… (Burp.)

5 responses to “Summer Tomato Sandwich

  1. Cheese? Please tell me you didn’t just put cheese on a tomato sandwich?

    My granny would make me sleep out in the barn for a week if she caught me puttin’ cheese on a tomato sandwich. Bread (preferably oat), tomato, salt, pepper, and mayo. That’s it. Accompanied by a glass of sweet tea. She might toast the bread for you, provided you’d behaved and made your bed before heading out that morning.

  2. LOL! It was, at least, a nice Swiss. I was uncertain myself about it, but wanted a little protein. Those who respect their grannies may wish to opt out of the cheese portion of my recipe.

    I did after all describe my creation as possibly heretical.

  3. Actually, it sounds pretty good. Just don’t tell granny I said so

  4. Secret’s safe with me.

  5. Hey, what would happen if you fried the red tomatoes green tomato-style in this sandwich?

    Oh god, I think I need to find out.

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