Missive From Tybee Island: Rain, Cats, Dolphins, Rain

I am writing from the living room of our beach house in Tybee, where it has rained all day yesterday and today.

Right now it’s raining so hard you can hear it from inside with the windows closed. Half our party has departed for downtown Savannah.

As Rose and I drove in yesterday afternoon (a five-hour drive from the WNC mountains to the island marshes of the South Carolina lowcountry), we drove into clouds and rain. It’s rained all night and all day.

Back home we’re in a drought and here, when we’re all on summer vacation and dying to lay around in the sun, it rains.

There’s six of us here so far.

“Tybee” is a Native American word for salt, and the air here has that funky, salty tang that seems both clean and dirty. The water tastes like farts.

Yesterday we went out for dinner to a seafood place. It seemed more local-y than touristy, with crazy tattooed shaggy beach guys drinking beer on the rockers on the porch. Nearby was a seafood market where several feral-looking cats on the porch, thin but sleek, waited out the rain the way cats do, chilling out and grooming themselves.

I felt sorry for them, thinking they were homeless, but Heather pointed out that a seafood store was probably a pretty good place for homeless kitties.

I would later read online that these are cats from a local colony a Tybee business has adopted. They are all spayed, neutered and vaccinated, and kittens are socialized in the offices of Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours.

They spend the day laying around, playing in the sun and eating fresh seafood. All are adoptable though Coastal Pet Rescue.


A tiny single bed with a rock-hard mattress will make you toss and turn for much of the night.

Cooking breakfast for five will get you a hug. You won’t have to do the dishes. Make more food than you think you will need, for while you are correct that unlike you, lots of people don’t eat breakfast, it seems things are different on vacation.

It does not seem to be too big a deal to see your friend, who slept in the living room on an air mattress, briefly wander the house in his boxers.

I was the coffee fairy this morning.


Not only is there rain the forecast all flippin’ day, there is a tornado warning today that started at 11 and continues until five.

Nonetheless, I plan to hit the beach.

I want to go on a dolphin tour!

2 responses to “Missive From Tybee Island: Rain, Cats, Dolphins, Rain

  1. Wow, glad we’re missing the rain (not happy that Patrick’s meeting means we won’t get there ’til late late late Thursday, though!).

    See you soon!

  2. We all wish you were here! You didn’t miss much yet, though. It rained HARD for 2 days, and just cleared up yesterday around 5. We’re eating breakfast now and getting ready to hit the beach all day.

    Y’all hurry down and practice your spinner dolphin moves. I’ll find some sand dollars for you.

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