Open Thread: Addictions

Meme from Michelle:

I thought I would share a few of my obsessions and addictions with you. The list is in no certain order.


Off the top of my head, here’s mine:

1. My blog.
2. Other people’s blogs.
3. Twitter.
4. Soy milk.
5. Faerie Made lip balm.
6. Netflix.
7. Surfing the internet.
8. Breakfast.

5 responses to “Open Thread: Addictions

  1. yarn. LOL

  2. These are Grade A addictions.

  3. Hey! I like that lip balm too ;)
    of course, i am the one who makes it :)

  4. Tina, Alissa at Beauty Parade turned me on to your lip balm years ago, and since then I am never without a tube in my pocket and another here by the computer. I’m a big Faerie Made fan — and also another ex-student of Randee’s.


    I just made you my Facebook friend. :0)

  5. Addictions?

    My blog and others’ blogs, for sure.
    Disc Golf
    Email checking (too much, too much!)
    Lindy’s Italian Ice

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