Asheville for Obama: Free Obama Stuff

UPDATE: I’m fresh out! Locally, try Rosebud Video on Charlotte St. for Obama/Biden signs and stickers, cheap. Elsewhere, try the official Barack Obama store here.

Attention Asheville,

A friend of mine is printing Obama materials at cost. I’ve got free Obama yard signs, bumperstickers and buttons (while supplies last) I can deliver to you.

If you want some, just let me know what and how many.

I can deliver in AVL city limits or drop off at the college if you are at UNCA.

  • yard signs: 2′ X 9″, Obama ’08
  • bumperstickers (3 kinds): Obama ’08, Obama/Biden ’08, Another Mama for Obama

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7 responses to “Asheville for Obama: Free Obama Stuff

  1. I keep meaning to drop by headquarters and pick up some Obama stuff, but it has yet to happen. Are you around on Monday evenings? E-spouse teaches at UNCA at 5:30. I’ll find out where if you’re going to be in the vicinity. I need a “Mama for Obama” bumper sticker for sure!

  2. Anne, I am gonna hook you up! I am on the campus all day. What dept. does the e-spouse teach in, I can leave you whatever you want with the department secretary! One sign, one sticker, coming right up!

  3. oh oh I would love a yard sign and mama for obama sticker.

    That is awesome. Thanks to your friend!

  4. Ruth Vanessa Vargas

    Do you still have Obama signs? I can pick up. I’m in Asheville every day. THANKS

  5. I’m in need of an Obama yard sign, preferably one that says Veteran for Obama and my wife needs a bumper sticker that says Another Mama for Obama. Do you have any?

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