VOTE in This Year’s BlogAsheville Awards

BlogAsheville’s third annual blogger blowout is this Saturday, September 27.

Food, live music, DJ, three kegs, BYOB, standup comedy, snazzy downtown courtyard location, good times. We’ve even got a shuttle to take you back to your car and scratch-made cake from Short Street Cakes, which is the part I am really looking forward to. :0)

If you’re an Asheville blogger or blog-reader and want to come join the fun, comment or send email and I’ll send you details.

Party 6 p.m.

Awards 8 p.m.

$10 suggested minimum donation goes to AHOPE, a shelter/program helping the homeless here in Asheville.

The awards are voted on by Asheville’s online community. If you live in Asheville, this means you!

Check out all the nominees here. Cast your vote online here (the online voting tool doesn’t link to nominee’s blogs, so I’d keep another browser open for reference). Vote in as many or as few categories as you like

I’ve been nominated for the following 2008 awards:

Best Craft Blog

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition

Best Writing

Best Overall

I am grateful for all the nominations. Thanks to Jana and anyone else who nominated JSFW.

Whoever nominated me for Best Craft Blog, I hope you’ll come to the party so I can both buy you a beer and listen to your rationale for this nomination. I’m puzzled but grateful.

I’m emceeing the party this year, along with Gordon Smith of Scrutiny Hooligans, Master of Blog Puppets, the Sam Adams of Asheville.

I’ll be the one in the teal blue dress and feather boa, eating Jodi’s homemade organic cake and brown bagging it with a 7 and 7 or something similar. Hope to see you there!

3 responses to “VOTE in This Year’s BlogAsheville Awards

  1. Hey Jennifer,

    Sounds like a blast! So sorry to hear about your foot, that’s terrible!! I hope it’s feeling better. I *might* be able to come, I’m fighting off a nasty cold this weekend….look to see a cute knitted OBAMA Donkey in the window of Purl’s sometime this week…trying to finish him!!!

    Take care of yourself, give yourself a hug from me,

  2. Hey Ms. Thing, I nominated you for Best Craft Blog, but didn’t realize you had to be on the BlogAsheville blogroll! Get yourself on there so I can nominate you for next year.

    Hope you can come to the bash! And I can’t wait to check out the Obamadonk.

    I gave myself a hug, told myself “I needed that” and now feel much better.

  3. Awww no fair!!!!!! I had really wanted to leave the kiddos and come hang out BUT Barry has to go to a wedding with someone he works with Saturday afternoon/night.

    Which means Michelle cannot come out to play.

    Drink a beer for me and each more cake for me.

    AND then tell me all about it.


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