Gas Prices and Availability: Open Thread for Everybody Everywhere

What’s the scoop on gas/petrol where y’all are? I’m curious, as Asheville is running out of gas.

I wouldn’t call it a local crisis yet, but it seems perfectly ordinary non-hoarding people here in town are running out of gas and are unable to get to work.  There are long lines for gas, a few ugly incidents of tempers flaring as people waited in long lines and plenty of stations completely out of gas.

There’s t.v. and newspaper coverage about the shortage, and the local paper just announced that it’s offering readers cell-phone text updates on what stations in town still have gas to sell.

What are gas prices like where you are? What’s availability like? Please de-lurk yourself and let everybody know.

Let’s talk. Open thread. Help a blogger understand.

20 responses to “Gas Prices and Availability: Open Thread for Everybody Everywhere

  1. Hi. I read a few of your other posts and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links?

  2. Shortages? Really? I haven’t heard of anything like that here. As far as I know, the greater Boston area is still stocked.

    Of course, since I got laid off, I’m buying gas about half as often as I was, if that, so I’m not contributing to demand as much.

    As for prices, if you look around you can get non-premium under $3.50 a gallon. Some places, it’s closer to $3.70, though.

  3. Here it’s about $4.19/gal. The photo in this post was taken here in town, today or this week. It’s a typical long line at the pump. Twitter friends have waited in line 2 hours.

  4. What gets me is this insanity and massive lines. Can that many people really be needing gas that day? When things were going nutso, I saw I was just a little under a half a tank, so I thought I could ride it out, cycle to work most days, avoid using the car. I had to go to Hendersonville one night, but apart from that I’ve tried to avoid driving. Last night I started actively looking for somewhere to get gas (the light hasn’t come on, but the needle is hovering at the E), and saw the lines going all the way down both Coleman street and Merrimon avenue. Same thing at the Enmark – a line stretching almost to downtown. Decided I can squeeze another day or two out of this. I have to drive a blind friend home tomorrow, so I can’t walk or cycle in.

    I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing or the wrong thing in this “crisis”. There are people who need gas more than me, I’m not sure if they’re the ones getting it.

  5. George, I watched SC news tonight and no probs there. Have 1/4 tank and am hoping to ride the shortage out. Am trying the C-T cell phone update thing, last one I got said there was gas at the Citi Stop at 779 Biltmore and the Amoco at 1411 Tunnel.

    Someone on CT comment board said to gas up in the middle of the night?

  6. I thought about that at 11, but it seemed kind of counterproductive to take the bastardmobile out in the middle of the night to go looking for gas, and for no other reason.

    I know this isn’t the thread for it, but sign me up for anything that you think I can help with on Saturday.

  7. It’s about $3.80 around here. No gas lines in the Sandhills, but I hear there’s a shortage in Nashville, too.

  8. I got my Honda Civic filled up when I was in Hendersonville yesterday. Good thing, too, because I didn’t have enough to get back to AVL. This morning I got a half tank into my little truck. The Smith family ought to be all right.

    Plus, now I can use the truck to run errands for the big Extrava on Saturday night.

  9. There was gas, two days ago, in Marshall. I hear there is a station in Mars Hill with a little. Everyone is limiting to $20/car. Long lines everywhere. We were nearly empty and waited 45 minutes to gas up two days ago. AB tech is closing for the remainder of the week, due to the shortage. Ben was able to get some gas, without waiting in lines, around 10pm. I guess we can all start taking the bus. it is free to UNCA faculty/staff…

  10. Just heard that the Ingles on Tunnel Road got a delivery at noon. No lines five minutes ago.

  11. David Byrne, who just toured through the Asheville area, mentioned the ~Carolina gas shortages in his blog. I guess it’s a local thing…hope you get through it without too much stress. I’m not sure what gas prices are here…I know it’s less than $4/gal…haven’t filled up lately.

  12. Thanks for the David Byrne tip! I was just talking to a friend about how it’s hitting me what I missed in missing that show.

  13. I recall a weird fuel shortage here in San Antonio maybe two years ago. I tried about seven gas stations before I found a place that had active pumps — and huge lines (Wal-Mart, I think). Folks seemed fairly freaked out that night. And the next day, things were back to normal. I never got a clear sense of what caused the shortage.

    I must admit that I never really know how much gas is one day from the next. It’s all so outrageous and seemingly irrational, that I just put in the odd ten or fifteen or twenty dollars. The fuel gauge on my gas-guzzling pick-up seems never to move much. I expect the prices are around $3.60 or $3.70 a gallon … but that’s just a guess. I buy my gas at a nearby convenience store that also sells wine and upscale snacks, so I assume the gas prices are like-wise yuppified. I shop there because it’s a Citgo station, and I get to do my little part to show my support of Hugo Chavez.

    Speaking of David Byrne, I read his blog regularly (and I think I learned he had a blog because of you), and he is, of course, a big bike booster. I finally can say that the high gas prices has caused me to begin to ride my bike just a bit more often as a transportation alternative, and not simply for fun. However, it will take even higher prices for me to get more serious on this front. Therefore … oh, it’ll happen.

  14. I myself am serious thinking about the bus for the first time. My lifestyle makes me cringe from anything that takes longer than another option (time is my scarcest resource), but I’m thinking of taking the bus to Blogapalooza this weekend, kicking the tires on a sane mode of transportation I’ve discounted for too long, and that I may soon be forced to get a lot more familiar with, fast.

  15. Gas available in Charlotte, NC 0640 hrs 09/27/2008 Saturday at the Circle K on East Blvd at Kenilworth, grade 87 only, $3.98/gal.

  16. Hey Jennifer, FYI, I just noticed that David Byrne is coming back around to you neck of the woods in December: Knoxville, Raleigh, etc. —

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