Blogiversapaloozathon 2008: All in a Night’s Work

It’s 12:34 and all’s well. I just took a Zantac and a sleeping pill and I’m hoping they both kick in soon. (The chcolate cake, the hummus, the 1/2 gallon of sweet tea drunk at 8:30 p.m…)

I just had a ball at Blogapalooza 2008.

We raised over $1000 for the homeless in Asheville. I sincerely hope there will be more fundraising from the team of Smith and Saylor.

Gordon did the heavy lifting (I was more of a junior partner) and we both had help from all the BlogAsheville regulars, but Blogpalooza 2008 was a Smith and Saylor production. I think it only really hit me when I finally met with Gordon for coffee not long ago (the day I mangled my foot and started going into shock in the classroom — an event later reported in the Blog Log of the local alt weekly, no lie), that he and I were arranging a large fundraiser together. Just us.

Gathering hundreds of dollars of sponsorship money, arranging donations, feeding over 100 people, getting them a little drunk, arranging multimedia, emceeing… (Learning to speak up and slow down…)

The food was delicious. An amazing gourmet spread of several kinds of cheeses and spreads, whole grain crackers with sesame seeds, roasted veggies with hummus and some kind of amazing sauce. Sweet tea, coffee, three kinds of local beer. (So much Eric had to call in beer-drinking reinforcements form the college who were happy to help out.)

And Jodi‘s cake? So good that I told Mrs. Gordon & sibling that eating one piece of Jodi cake was like eating three pieces of regular cake packed into one. It was so rich and moist it was like humus, like rich soil. Cream cheese frosting, covered with organic, local flowers. Scratch-made and good to the last crumb.

I had a beer with an Australian man in a pink pinstriped suit and matching pink alligator shoes. Later he informed an audience of over 100 people that he possibly planned on offering me his virginity. (Yes, this kind of thing is all in a night’s work when you are me. You get used to it after awhile.)

I was whisked away into the relative quiet of the gallery for no other purpose than to be thanked sincerely by the gallant Paul for putting on such a great party.

And I had a front row seat for the Amazing and Soon to Be Legendary Disappearance of Mr. Ash Vegas. I was sitting between Ash and my excellent new friend Christy when we all heard realy loud crazy shouting from outside (N. Lex on a Saturday night…) . We kind of wondered what it was, but I was busy telling people about the food and the band and the raffle and taking money, and didn’t pay much attention.

My friend Stephanie said the police were involved, and had just had to carry some guy off “like a chicken.” (?)

Honest to God, you should have seen Ashvegas go. He was like a shark that smelled blood in the water. He got up camera in hand, looked out the courtyard gates, and disappeared into the night. Blogga just about had a hunting knife clenched in his teeth.

And that was the last we saw of him.

We ended up handing him awards right and left all night and happily propagating rumors he had left in a police car or something, hot on the trail of a story. He won Best Overall Blog while covered in human blood and developing fluid or something, I am sure.

Let’s see, what else… I got the lead guitarist of the If You Wannas to made awesome guitar laser sounds at me while making suggestive movements with the guitar neck. (This is something I must also frequently deal with.) And I got brand-new admin privileges over at BlogAsheville. It’s official, I am joining the team as the BA fourth administrator. Just call me Paul McCartney.

I didn’t win a damn thing. :0) Didn’t expect to. It wasn’t what I was there for.

I had a great time, though. BlogAsheville bloggers, I send you love. Congrats to the winners, which tonight I feel like is all of us. I am Jen and we are BlogAsheville and together we rocked a party to the tune of $1000 to people in our community who really need it.

Good night!

5 responses to “Blogiversapaloozathon 2008: All in a Night’s Work

  1. i get to be george harrison then!

    gordon is obviously, lennon.

    that makes aric, ringo?

    great write up and party!

  2. LOL I think you got the lineup just right, George Harrison!

  3. Thanks for all the time and energy you put into this. Great work!

  4. very nice Jen,
    not sure I met you, but I did have a great time…

    you made a fantastic thing happen…thanks to both you and Gordon!

  5. Jen,
    I am new to this whole thing (blogging, homeless, ….), I did however discover your thoughts and wanted to say thank you. Thank you for everything.


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