A Day in the Life

Time I woke up: 7:40

Exam: 9:25. Well-meaning but annoying teacher rudely orders some students to move to different seats. Eventually she explains, after pissing off the adult humans she shoos into new seats “because you need a desk” (and not an ordinary chair, like I sat in at the back of the room) that desks had nothing to do with it. She was trying to prevent cheating. Welcome to third grade History of American Media.

(You are welcome to prevent cheating in your classroom. Please do so by asking your adult humans not to sit next to one another, not by peremptorily ordering them, with a bogus explanation, to sit somewhere else.)

Check voicemail: 9:40. Important call from a client! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write sample copy on spec for a new business group making an executive-training website. I have entirely too much to do today, but I can’t afford to turn down the work (or ate lesat the chance at work, if they like my sample). Can I do this in one hour?

My helpful web guy has set this up for me after the client didn’t like my samples (don’t blame them; I didn’t have anything like what they were looking for). The lesson: When you don’t have the right sample and you want the work, ask to do something on spec (or be glad you have a great web guy who looks out for you).

Next class: 10: 50.

Lunchtime: 12 noon. Eat my food, drink my tea, read my poli sci handouts (fascinating; Subramaniam rocked the classroom last night, that guy rules). Walk across campus to check out a roof garden I am writing about in my latest campus newspaper article. Start feeling all cool and writerly and journliastic.

This ends when I get to the Zageir computer room to find myself locked out for faculty training.

New Hall computer lab: 1 p.m. I say a brief hello, far too brief, to my dearie Heather who is popping in to work on her research project. I get my email from my web guy, read my background info, write up a spec page, insert my SEO.

One hour. Not bad. I email it to my web guy who formats it according to the style the client wants.

NEMAC computer lab: 2: 10 p.m. I’m here because the article I’m writing for the college news is actually a NEMAC project about green design elements on the campus. Good things happen while I am here, including:

  • an email from web guy; client who didn’t like my samples is now thrilled with the spec!
  • a call from Rowan, she’s been invited to the lunch event with I. King Jordan, the rock star academic of deaf America
  • another call from Rowan, where is the King Jordan event again???? (LOL)
  • another call from Rowan, while lunching with Dr. Jordan and the faculty post-lecture she gave an ardent bilingual (self-translated ASL and English) speech about how Jordan had inspired her & informed her struggle to have ASL accepted as her foreign language requirement at the college (a long and difficult struggle in which she alleges administration said some incredibly ignorant things about ASL and deaf culture and pooh-poohed it as good enough for her foreign language requirement).
  • The chancellor squirms in her seat; Rowan steals the whole luncheon, even from the rock star of deafness.
  • Rowan 1; UNCA 0.
  • interview with the college’s facilities manager, green design here is NOT hippie bullshit!
  • two good hours of work on the article; it’s shaping up well with new, non-generic info about cutting-edge green design (grassy campus mini-quad covers multiple heat-pump wells I’ve walked over a zillion times…)

Number of emails in my inbox: 109

Make the decision to bow out of two and a half hours of volunteer training tonight: 6 p.m. I’ve got two doctor’s appointments tomorrow, so a 12-hour day and an extra-early wake-up call tomorrow is roundly defeated by the idea of a home-cooked dinner, a shower and a chance to watch the debate live.

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