Fall Checklist

Windows shut tight and storm windows down? Check.

First frost warnings of the year hitting the high country? Check.

Electric blanket out of storage and on the bed? Check.

Bedroom slippers and house socks located? Check.

First traces of fall color appearing in the trees? Check.

Colder inside than outside? Check.

Made soup or stew out of seasonal craving? Check.

Wearing a scarf and light sweater in the mornings and in the shade? Check.

Flip-flops now uncomfortable to wear outdoors? Check.

Wearing a sweater inside due to dread of turning on heat? Check.

Appropriate cold-weather read located? Check.

First crop of amazing heirloom local apples coming in? Check.

It must be fall.

I am ready.

2 responses to “Fall Checklist

  1. Yay fall! :-)

    I just got back from a San Francisco business/pleasure trip [saw David Byrne twice — awesome show!]. While away, the mountains around here got an inch or so of snow…fall is definitely here.

  2. [saw David Byrne twice — awesome show!]


    No snow here yet, thank heaven. Leaves are turning and I plan to take some time over fall break to take in the heavenly color.

    Welcome home.

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