O the Riches

What did I want when I was 21?

Money, fame, greatness? The Fight Club Hollywood destiny of my generation.

This evening at 39, old enough for aches and pains, a small assortment of pills

young enough to mow the lawn on my own, as my neighbor cannot do,

I have a moment of deep content.

I realize that I have

a warm house

good work

a peaceful room to be in

good friends.

I eat a hot dinner, with vegetables

on my bedside table is a hot water bottle

with which I warm my cold feet.

On the television, a DVD documentary

in which a man goes to New Guinea

there to see beautiful birds, his dream.

O the riches of this fine world.

2 responses to “O the Riches

  1. Heather Rayburn

    Hi Jennifer,
    I love this picture! Where’d it come from? Cheers, H.

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