Poster 5: Water Harvesting

In the upper left photo, this one features the beautiful West Asheville garden of a dear friend.

I could not have made posters like these without some fabulous Asheville connections to some of the most talented and creative people in town.

I suppose I am now available for all your poster needs. :0) I’m cereal. Usual freelancing rates apply.

2 responses to “Poster 5: Water Harvesting

  1. Well, just my two cents (what do I know from posters?), but I think they’re attractive and informative.

    “Impervious” is a weird-looking word. Or is that just me?

    I think, in the second word bubble on this (5th) poster, you have two spaces between “down” and “storm”. (Sorry; once a proofreader…)

    Cool on the InDesign knowledge. Don’t you love learning?

  2. Love your posters, and I’m thrilled that you used the photo of my garden! :)

    Hope to see you next Sunday morning, if not before!

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