November Sky Show

From NASA Science News, some eye-catching night-sky events happening on the first three days of November:

On Nov. 1st, Venus and the Moon emerge from the twilight side by side, Venus on the right, the Moon on the left: sky map.

Look carefully at the Moon. Can you see a ghostly image of the full Moon inside the bright horns of the crescent? That’s called Earthshine or the da Vinci glow because Leonardo da Vinci was the first person to explain it. Sunlight hits Earth and ricochets to the Moon, casting a sheen of light across the dark lunar terrain. A crescent Moon with Earthshine is one of the loveliest sights in the heavens.

The show continues on Nov. 2nd with Venus, the still-slender crescent Moon, and Jupiter arrayed in a broad line across the southwestern sky: sky map. This linear arrangement attracts attention almost as much as the luminosity of its points: Venus, the Moon and Jupiter are the brightest objects in the heavens, visible from light-polluted cities even before the twilight sky fades to black.

Trace your finger upward along the line—that is where the Moon is going. Nightfall on Nov. 3rd reveals the Moon transported to Jupiter: sky map. The two form a pair so tight and eye-catching, it may take your breath away.

2 responses to “November Sky Show

  1. Hi Jennifer, that pic is superb! :-)

  2. I followed an automatic link to here and was awed by your photo. Very, very nice colors and I love how crisp the planet and moon turned out. Superb!

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