More to Come…

(Just another stunning image from Zen.)

My apologies, friends and readers, for the recent long unintentional hiatus.

This semester is the same thing only different. Instead of busting ass so hard I destroy my health while failing all my Calc II exams, I am busting ass so hard I destroy my health while kicking ass on my exams and writing my newly journalized heart out for the campus paper.

I miss my friends and family and my health’s not so hot but I am eating right and have managed to swing a few brief blocks of time with friends. Though last week I did pull a Saylor and work 10-12-hour days all week, work all weekend (sick friend, take-home exam, article) and go right into a new week of two long-ass days of exam study.

To top all this off I managed to spend the morning/afternoon today driving a friend around, looking after a sick friend and designing a freebie flier for another friend. Clearly, I am on the insane end of nice and a glutton for studying after 10 p.m.

But as I said to my dearie Rowan over a spot of tea and soup at the college cafe, the rubber is hitting the road of our lives. I’m not just a student now. This semester with NEMAC I am learning badass graphic design and writing a term paper that I suspect might have everything to do with what I want to do for the rest of my life. Here’s what my paper is on.

So before I go back to studying about presidents and press corps (note that “corps” is both singular and plural, fellow word nerds!), I leave you with my assurance that things are more exciting around here than they seem, but I can either live the changes or blog about them, time is that tight and mental energy is that scarce.

But the semester’s almost over, and over break I can’t wait to hibernate a little, dream of the future, pick out a grad school (!) (33 credit hours left in the undergrad game, friends!), outline a book proposal, knit, cook, blog, do yoga and feel like I am more than just a working, writing, graphic-designing brain encased in cupcake-powered flesh transport.

I leave you with the bittersweet news that the Viridian Design Movement, as was always planned, has gently folded to a sparkling and eloquent close.

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