Scene from the Computer Lab

I walk down the hall and see a slim and pretty woman walk up to a scruffy, glasses-wearing, rather endearingly plump computer guy who works near me. Her back is to me but his face lights up, and I feel a little sorry for all the young nerds that suffer these unattainable crushes on beautiful women.

I walk past and now see her looking at him. She has the same look of quiet pleasure, absorption in another. They kiss lightly.

I will later learn they are married. And that she is a nerd, too!

3 responses to “Scene from the Computer Lab

  1. Awww!!!

    I commented back when you left me a comment but I wasn’t sure if you check for that.

    I wish I lived next door too so I could “use” some of your fresh herbs!

    Are you making the trip to TN this year? You know you are always welcome to eat with my crazy family.


  2. It”s times like these where the quote “talk nerdy to me” is fitting! I love hearing about married couples who light up, or any couple for that matter!

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