I Gussied Up the Blog Because the Semester Is Nearly Over

I couldn’t stand my awful old header/color scheme, and spent a good hour or two yesterday slapping together an acceptable new scheme. Something autumnal, just in time for winter… Something in preparation for the day I will have time to blog again over winter break.

It’s winter, a time of reflection and rest.

So you can start thinking about coming out of hiding and reading my blog again. Fresh words! What a concept. I don’t like to take extended breaks from my broadcasts to the world, but this has been a heavy semester.

The last day of regular class is Monday. My last exam is Dec. 16. All I have left in the semester is a take-home pol sci exam, an in-class History of American Media exam, and closing out my internship (turning in the posters I worked on for months, hopefully getting in a lesson with a Photoshop/InDesign guru, etc.).

Some brain-RAM is at last being freed up as the semester winds down to its bathetic close. Until I officially return, I’d just like to say thanks for reading.

Though I have never met some of you, I have made real friends through this blog, and feel I have a community that supports me, and that I support, even if it is only, in the tough times, with quiet thoughts here in the office as my brain gently cools down from an overheated day of hopes, dreams, multimedia presentations and honest-to-god damage to my eyesight from hours spent tweaking science posters.

I can’t write without perspective. All I have until it arrives is a senseless narrative, a cartoon of me rushing from place to place and hope to hope and class to class, installing quantum after quantum of knowledge into a brain both overstuffed and starving.

So here’s to perspective, and me having some soon, and to you, friend, for sticking with me through the quiet.

6 responses to “I Gussied Up the Blog Because the Semester Is Nearly Over

  1. I love the new look!

    I have been thinking of you!


  2. I have been thinking of YOU. And I LOVE your short hair. You look absolutely beautiful and completely yourself with it. As do many of us in the short hair club, composed of only the sexiest and most sensible women.

  3. Wow, that snow thing is pretty trippy. I like it.

  4. This must be a wordpress.com thing. Not only do you get the finished version of 2.7 before anyone else, but you also get snow! I’m jealous.

  5. When are we Kipping again? Cookie exchange and yarny goodness? You got me into the whole hospice volunteering thing and I thank you for that. A new friend there wants to start up a weekly knit class for families. i should pass along your info?

  6. Yay! More writing, more doing and less thinking, studying. :)

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