Drying in the Sun

It looks like I am a real knitter now.


This is the Cobblestone Sweater, knitted for my friend Gary, shown here drying in the sun on Christmas Day. (Slight mod on the cuffs, from garter to rib.) It’s knitted in good ol’ Berroco Ultra Alpaca, a superb sweater yarn.

I thought of knitting a sweater as the ultimate proof of a knitter’s skill and prowess. I knitted up my very first one, only to find it easier than some projects I have already done! My first lace hat was harder. Knitters, don’t be intimidated by garments!

Even after around 5 or 6 years of knitting, I am surprised when something I made looks right, like it’s supposed to look. Knitting IS complex, but it’s small bits of complexity rolled up into one larger thing. It is very much more than the sum of several small processes: the sleeve, the cuff, the seaming of the armpit. Just follow the directions, and when you are done, you may find yourself slightly amazed at having MADE CLOTHING.

Nice clothing.

In other news, hello world! I am recovering from a busy winter “break,” followed by a horrid and difficult Christmas holiday, fast followed in turn by a lovely Dec. 26 that had all the Doctor Who specials, chocolate, good food, rest and family time a tired, busy and worried woman could ask for.

2 responses to “Drying in the Sun

  1. It’s lovely! Congratulations.

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