Favorite TV Shows


(the cast of Spaced, completely in character)

I’m feeling more like myself today! Here’s a fun list I was inspired to make while fooling around on Netflix yesterday.

Top Eleven Favorite TV Shows

(in no particular order)

  1. Spaced
  2. Blackadder
  3. Star Trek: TNG (sorry TOS fans, I’m a TNG girl;  just a generational thing!)
  4. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
  5. Deadwood
  6. Six Feet Under
  7. Doctor Who
  8. Lost
  9. Battlestar Galactica (the reimagined one, please)
  10. Heroes
  11. Shameless

Spaced and Shameless are slightly obscure (to Americans at least; both are BBC productions), but even Americans can get both from Netflix or any good (non-chain) video store.

In fact I saw just the other day while picking up my fix of Jekyll and Lost Season 4 that good ol’ Orbit DVD has the boxed set of Spaced for sale.

I smell a b-day prezzie for my sister, who would be up for a slow-mo sci-fi gunfight with me at the drop of a hat.

BTW Doctor Who fans: Jekyll, an absolutely outstanding 2007 BBC mini, was written by Steven Moffat, the brilliant screenwriter who, after banging out nearly all of the very best episodes of the revived Doctor Who, was snapped up toot sweet for writing duties for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

Jekyll is HOURS of sustained Moffat brilliance. Re-watching it over the holidays, I notice its unusual structure, beginning as it does with Hyde having already fully surfaced in the protagnonist and been around for a while (Jekyll and Hyde schedule control of their shared body on a dry-erase wall calendar, and leave one another dictaphone messages). None of that long initial period of introducing the problem, having the protagonist slowly figure out what’s wrong. And it never feels rushed as the audience gets all the details, but in a different way that probably works better than the traditional approach.

<sighs with grateful admiration and appreciation>

I just watched Season 4 of Doctor Who, and when an absolutely gorgeous episode up and bloomed amidst the wreckage of some dreadful ones, and I remembered everything I loved about the show, I said aloud:

I smell Steven Moffat in the air.

And I knew without checking the credits who had written Silence in the Library. He’s that good.

Anyway, PLEASE feel free to comment on my selections, offer your own, or start your own thread about your own faves over at your place.

– Slowly Recovering Jen

6 responses to “Favorite TV Shows

  1. try Entourage. It is very entertaining.

  2. i’m woefully ignorant of many on this list (the sci-fi and BBC) but i’m intending to join netflix and start getting caught up on modern tv … i do love ‘lost’ and can’t wait for the premiere coming up … (i’ve had SOME contact with tv, just very limited during various phases of life, esp. child-rearing) …

    i would have ‘weeds’ on my list too … the comedy in that show is perfect … and i do admit that i’m collecting ‘reno 911’ season by season …

    my daughter recently converted me to ‘family guy’ (only cuzza stuey) and i’m a long-time ‘simpsons’ fan …

  3. I’m a TNG person, too.

    You might oughta wanna add ‘Dexter’ to the list.

  4. That is totally what I hear. Will add to Netflix ASAP.

  5. “Damages” starts back up tomorrow, y’all. And here come “Rescue Me” in January. Both FX shows BTW.

  6. I found your site looking for an Edward Hopper image — thanks!

    Pretty cool list. If you don’t know it, you should check out Dead Like Me.

    And, ahem, Buffy???

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