The Only Resolution Anyone Needs to Make

I can’t get this video out of my head. As you can see it consists of a possibly insane woman in a bathrobe, shower cap and (fashionably) a necklace, singing a song on the guitar.

The reason I can’t get it out of my head is that the wisdom this song contains has been reverberating through my mind for days. The last time I heard anything like it was while watching either Vanilla Sky or Abre los Ojos (can’t remember; BTW Abre los Ojos is way better IMO) in which the main character says that there’s one solution to nearly any problem: money.

And as breakfast songstress Colleen Wainwright points out, when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, fitness/health, real self-care or any significant accomplishment:

the answer isn’t resolutions, promises or hacks

manila folders, moleskines neatly piled in stacks

no, the secret to accomplishment is in using all your will,


(I’ll let you watch and find out. See if you agree. The secret begins at 1:21. Some lyrics NSFW.)


4 responses to “The Only Resolution Anyone Needs to Make

  1. You and she are right on. I nearly cried; it so simply and directly clarified my guilt, that guilt we all carry but won’t look at directly. Yes, I could have done so much more last year, but I didn’t, and often it was because I chose to wallow in the self-indulgence of simple laziness. Living is hard enough work; achieving is harder. I’m actually inspired now to take a deep breath and roll up my sleeves. Thanks.

  2. Oh, dear, Gratuitous–I hope that was a laughing kind of crying.

    You know, the reason this song occurred to me is because there are so many times I SUCK at pushing the #%!*) boulder up the @#)$! hill. Just so we’re clear, and stuff.

    Thanks for reposting this, Jennifer. And for the record, yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m at least half crazy.

  3. Whoa, I sounded Catholic, and not the Jew I could have been thanks to my adopted family. Sorry. Seriously though, if comedy was your only intent, I read too much into it. But I suspect there’s some Zen wisdom coursing through your frenetic veins.

    Thanks for the decipher. Now I know that #% means “cock,” !*) is “sucking,” @# “mother” and )$! “fucking.” Plus, it’s cool how I just got to use dirty words without being at all angry. Thanks again!

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