Wisdom Bound

My friend from high school went to Yale, as a teenager posed with the knowing smirk of youth under a poster that read “Broadway Bound.”

In from Chicago she emailed me, and I saw her the other day for the first time in 17 years. Still slim, beautiful, talented and funny. Married to an electrician, her work is caring for her sons.

A former film professor, someday she’ll take up her craft again. If she had not dropped acting, would we say we all knew she was destined for fame?

I for one wanted to high-five the woman I met yesterday right there in the cafe, who looked me in the eyes with the frank honesty of real-life happiness and told me she had married a true and honest man who deeply loved her.

Young people dream of fame, but fame picks only a few. Happiness, the real goal hidden from so many (!), is equally particular. 

It favors, blessedly, the wise over the beautiful. Being a sane, loved, actualized person of integrity, no matter your role in life, is an artwork (emphasis on WORK) decades in the making.  

Congratulations Amy! Gving up less happiness for more happiness is not a compromise. I didn’t give up my dreams either, I just set the more ridiculous and ill-fitting ones aside to step into the dreams of a heart that grew up.

One response to “Wisdom Bound

  1. I’m so far behind on reading my blogroll that I’m just now getting to this. How lovely and generous. I’ve thought often of our meeting back in April and I love keeping up via facebook with all you are doing. Your brain has always been one of my favorites. Thanks, Jen.

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