Perspective/Update for Readers and Friends

Hey friends. It’s been a long time since I rapped at ya.

Sorry for the long hiatus. I’ve just been having my brain rewired & installing the photography/scientific visualization/science photography programs into my biological PC.

Writing still pays the bills, but my plans for summer 2009 include a photography internship and arranging Asheville’s first independently organized TED event, for which I’m serving as Head Nerdpicker executive director. Big news! I just found out today.

And unless I choose another minor (or heaven forbid, another major — unlikely but useful in light of my recent switch from writing and documentary screenwriting to visualization and science photography) I’m graduating in December.

Graduating. In December.

I’m looking into grad schools, and delighted to find my dear home state actually has several universities that offer degrees that might work, like cognitive science and new media/global education (!).

So this blog and all its delights finds itself on the back burner, where the most delicious things sit and simmer until we hunger again.

I’m not quitting — famous last words — I’m just bringing you up to date. If you want to continue follow this blog, thanks. It’s been a great ride, and it’s not done yet. I recommend Google Reader to save yourself time and energy — I may go all Clay Shirky and post infrequently but intensely.

I’m also on Facebook and Twitter and having fun there, sharing links and news that don’t grab me for a whole blog entry.

So if you’re in Asheville, see you at TEDx Asheville! Or a Tweetup. Or at Wizzy’s. Or at the dog park. Or somewhere around this wonderful, beautiful, friendly, supportive, creative, entrepreneurial place we call Asheville.

If you’re not, I’ll “see” you in the ether, and I hope you have a lot of cool adventures to share with me soon.

The scent of barbecue and lilacs fills the air as I write on the second South-hot day of my best year yet. I don’t know if life begins at 40. Maybe’s it’s just a coincidence, but mine sure did.



5 responses to “Perspective/Update for Readers and Friends

  1. Great news! TEDx Executive Director (woo!)and graduation both – that’s fantastic.

    I SWEAR I will get out to Asheville this summer and see you again. Swear!

  2. Not if I get to you first! Hope to see you soon!

  3. Jen, how exciting! Let us know when the first event takes place?

  4. Yay and congrats to the Asheville Ted ED! And graduation! And lilacs!

    I think life begins anew every decade. I loved turning 30 – it felt like everything was possible again, and I hope by the time it gets here (in December) I’ll feel the same way about 40. I think I will.

  5. Was “I” the blow hard? Geez, give me a break… just trying to learn to communicate. Thanks for coming out today!

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