Reverse-Engineering the WWC Salad


(Photo courtesy of Don Makoviney AKA Former Housemate Don)

The “WWC Salad” was a hit at Tuesday’s meeting. I think I have created a reasonable approximation.

* 1 bag local greens from tailgate market or friend

* 1 yellow squash

* 1 container Parmesan cheese (I used the good stuff, real grated Parm from Earth Fare in the deli case — makes grocery store stuff taste like dust and salt)

* French bread (Country French Batard from West End Bakery was perfect, and a good buy in the day-old bin)

* Caesar dressing (tried to buy local, missed out, had to buy Paul Newman)

* plain goat cheese (wanted Spinning Spider, had to compromise with cheese from Vermont collective)

Slice the squash lengthwise and crosswise and lightly saute it in olive oil.

Wash the greens and PAT THEM DRY (dressing stays so much better on dry greens). If from a friend’s garden, check for slugs (learned this the hard way [slug lived]).

Tear into pieces and toss with dressing and some extra Parmesan.

Toast a slice of bread. Slice into pieces and add to salad. Crumble in goat cheese.

Add squash. Toss. Eat.

(I added fresh oregano and it was great)

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