Blogapalooza Picks for 2009


It’s that time again! The annual blogger’s ball has gotten a Web 2.0 upgrade to include Tweeters and Facebookers… Plus it’s getting a spooky late start this year: Friday, Oct. 30 at the Pump Gallery in the Phil Mechanic Building, River Arts District.

More on Spookypalooza here.

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Here’s my picks for 2009.


Best Food Blog
Oy, a toughie. I need to follow these folks to know who’s really the best of the excellent local food blogs I’ve found.

A previous winner, fabulous foodblogger She Who Eats?
The new kid with great recipes, Yes We Cook!?
Full Gastronomic Tilt?

Damn, Asheville. You are not making this easy.

Best Craft Blog
Loving the crafty blog of local spinner, knitter and art director, Stacey Budge: UrbanGypZ

Most Underrated
Sadly, my 20008 pick remains a best-kept secret: Eatbees Blog

Best Writing
Edgy Mama

Best Overall
The juggernaut: Ashvegas, the hardest-workin’ man in the blog business

Blogger I’d Most Like to Have a Beer With
Bruisin Ales Blog, of course!

Most Likely to Make You Laugh Out Loud
The classic: The Hangover Journals

Best Art/Photos
the wonderful interpretive photography of Zenography

Blogger You’d Most Like to See Naked
I still say What the Hell?, whom I remind everyone that have seen in a red bikini, was robbed in 2007. PixieDyke naked in 2009!

Best Design
A stumper. Suggestions?

Best Local Happenings
I’d say Ashvegas, but BlogAsheville has amped up the events coverage lately, and I love the new weekend roundup feature. And since I, uh, totally shot my mouth off, won’t you please vote for BlogAsheville? PLEASE.

Best Political
It was always ScrooHoo, until head hooligan Gordon’s amazingly successful run for city council (go Gordon!). Now it’s anybody’s game.


Best Mommy Blogger
I don’t follow the mom blogs for obvious reasons. But there are some good ones. Who are you voting for, Asheville?

Most Inspirational
I’m still fond of last year’s winner, the excellent Moon Meadow Farm.

Most in Need of a Redesign
George the Bastard

Best New Blog

Pollinate Asheville. Susanne’s blog is GREAT, I subscribe and am already a big fan. Check her out!


Most Re-Tweetable

Best Hashtags

TMI Tweeter
@lydiasee “Who wants to make out?”

Rising Tweeter

Funniest Tweeter
@bluebarnhouse (Hon. Ment. to @joeyflash, who’s moving to Atlanta.)

Best News Tweets

Tweeter I’d Most Like to Have a Beer With

Tweeter I’d Most Like to See Naked
@pixiedyke !

And overall

Most Sociable on Social Media

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