In which I graduate from college, and ask for money

I graduate from college NEXT MONTH! You can give me a graduation gift via PayPal.

Dang, I need it.

It’s taken me six years, but next month I graduate from college with my first undergraduate degree. I put myself through college while living single, rescuing cats, organizing multiple community events, working as a freelance writer, keeping up a yard, keeping up a household, running a group blog, and completing multiple internships in graphic design, science communication and scriptwriting.

In my spare time, I lie on the couch in a heap and breathe deeply.

It’s been worth it.

Part of my college education involved reinventing myself almost from the ground up. I used to be a writer. I still am and will always be. But I am so many other things now (learning photographer, community organizer, group blog admin, grassroots citizen media guru, learning designer, learning science communicator…) that I find myself extraordinarily connected, ready for a next phase in my life…and with almost all my of my revenue streams from my previous life completely gone.

In other words, it’s a scary time for me as a new graduate who despite working relied on loans for years. I’m slowly creating a new career identity, but it takes about six months to build a client base, and I graduate in early December with lots of good ideas and no regular income.

I’ve got ALL MANNER of irons in the fire and am already at work on the four outstanding opportunities I have to freelance again, in new ways. Which was the whole point of the six long, horrible, wonderful years I spent in emotional, financial and intellectual boot camp.

I’ll take hugs and love and friendship if that’s what you’ve got, I truly will, and be thankful for them. But I’m also taking cash!

I’ve worked like a demented pack mule for six years and my long race is almost done. Fate’s graduation present to me is a bad economy, internships that didn’t work out, a housemate who cut out without notice and dumped her pet cat on me, $600 in car repairs, student loans, and a budding career as unsteady and inconstant as it is wonderful.

For my graduation, please donate to me and the cats, we truly need all the help we can get.


5 responses to “In which I graduate from college, and ask for money

  1. Proud of you, Jen!

  2. Oh my god enjoyed reading this blogpost. I submitted your feed to my blogreader.

  3. Congrats, Jen!

    E-mail me your address and I’ll send you some killer organic catnip for the kitties!

  4. Hi Jennifer.

    Belated congratulations with your graduation! I think I do understand how it feels studying as an “old” student since I undertook my education late as well. I am curious to learn about your occupation… or some bits of it: freelance copy writer. Creative freelance ways of earning a living have always appealed to me, and I love writing so I would love to learn more. So if you write posts about topics such as, how you market yourself as a freelancer, how you structure your projects & work days – then please do not hesitate to advertise them to me!

    Kind regards,
    Anne(former author of “Anne’s blog”)

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