How Do You Do It?

I probably do get a lot done, and sometimes people ask me how I do it. I think I’ll point everyone who asks to this blog post.

Here’s how I do it. How do you do it?

advantages I was born with

I am a high-energy and excitable person. Having fun and doing things that matter is like crack to me.

I like working and am naturally busy.

advantages I wasn’t born with

I rise early and work late.

I am good at asking for help and work well with and on a team. I often build teams for what I do. Many hands mean shared work–and new friends and allies.

I cultivate a network of passionate and talented people.

I don’t have kids, a spouse or a boyfriend. (I could really use a wife, though.)

I leave space in my life to do things for free because I want to and I can.

I have easy-care pets.

I cultivate multiple revenue streams.

I am good at managing multiple undertakings at once.

I listen to critics and take haters as a compliment.

I make my home my refuge — it’s warm and comfy, and it smells nice.

I spent years working on what I wanted my life to be. I put myself through college and multiple internships. It cost $40,000 and took six years. IT WAS WORTH IT.

I take risks. I find people who take risks with me.

I dream big. I find people who dream big with me.

I ignore people who tell me I can’t do it. Unless they give perspective and a good reason. Then I listen. But I still make my own judgments, and have seen people make a predicted failure into a smash success. Heart + risk + hard work + help = what can feel like a miracle.

I surround myself with people who share my values (have fun, be real, do what you can to help, etc.)

I preserve my freedom by staying a freelancer. I decide what I do and when and for who.

I recognize the signs of exhaustion and know when to stop.

I do yoga and breathing exercises (BECAUSE I HAVE TO).

I try to eat right (Paleo, Michael Pollan and the Zone have it right — lean meat, tree nuts and plants. The rest is killing you). (BTW balance is also important, IMO. Ice cream is not good for the body but it is good for the soul.)

I try to exercise. A body that is not ruined from being chained to a desk is a body that can do more, and holds a minds that can do more. Invest in your body.

I try to spend time with friends and family.

I try to cultivate an artistic identity.

I get the sleep I need.

5 responses to “How Do You Do It?

  1. and you’re brilliant :) that always helps…

  2. The Enemy Lovers have said they’d love to play. (via. @isaaclar)

  3. Hooray for the Enemy Lovers!

  4. Certainly, you don’t really have haters. I pity these poor people if they really exist. Go jen!

  5. This is great Jennifer! You left out the fact that you have a very beautiful and welcoming smile.

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