About Jennifer


I am an atheist, if by God one means a transcendent Person who acts willfully within the creation. I am an agnostic in that I believe our knowledge of “what is” is partial and tentative–a tiny flickering flame in the overwhelming shadow of our ignorance. I am a pantheist in that I believe empirical knowledge of the sensate world is the surest revelation of whatever is worth being called divine.

– Chet Raymo

Jennifer Saylor is a communications specialist, organizer, writer, citizen journalist,  social media nerd and lover of science and the scientific worldview.

Her hobbies are rearranging things into order and sense, offering insight and complexity rather than the expected, reading, gardening, and serving Asheville.

She likes thunderstorms, the moon, the sun, the ocean, tea, clouds, gardens, mist, fat cats, wind, swimming, moonlight, sunlight, Indian food, food in general, music subscription services, genre television and the days when you can feel the seasons start to change from one to another.

Her sign is the keyboard; her symbol is the rss_feed.png. Her favorite place is Asheville, North Carolina because that is where all her people are. She rejoices in Information, Community, Satori and Order, can’t stand a commons in disarray, and likes word people and cats.

You can reach me at firstname.freelance@gmail.com — except use my real first name!

2 responses to “About Jennifer

  1. I’ll be the first. You sound like one fantastically interesting and talented person. Your blog is elegant and puts my own to shame. It takes a spine made of iron, and armour-plated skin to make a living as a freelance writer — I know, I’ve been doing it for 23 years — and my own spine is only tin. Anyway, enjoyed browsing your blog. Good luck!

    Ken: http://www.ironghost.wordpress.com

  2. Hi Jenn, just a random hit… don’t let the bastards get you down. ( But don’t forget… sometimes we be the bastards )