Senior Portfolio: Mass Communication

Four years of my life, and a revealing insight into some of my interests (scientific visualization, alternative/informal education, the Asian values debate, international communication).

I also like photography, knitting and rescuing cats. But never mind.

Blue Banner articles

(written during my two semesters as a reporter for the college paper; special thanks to my wonderful editors, Ben Smith and Jon Walczak)

  • News

Parkside Controversy Brews Downtown

Controversial Dismissal Rocks Local Radio

Students, Faculty Speak with Hands (academic discrimination against deaf students and ASL speakers)

Hidden “Green” Features Dot Campus

Zeis Hall Voting Station Averaging 350 Voters Per Day (cover)

Sample Ballot Voting Guide (full-page feature)

Amid Dented Cans, Shoppers Find Bargains

Organization Plans to Better Environment (cover)

Students Kick-Start Cooperative Housing Effort

New Devlopment Raises Hopes, Concerns (The Cliffs at High Carolina)

  • Lifestyles (these articles are not archived; most are links are to Word docs)

Profile, author/professor Cynn Chadwick

Ethical Culture Society of Asheville

professor profile, Seamus McNerney (probably my favorite thing I wrote for the Banner)

The Asheville Blogosphere

The Chase Gallery at the North Carolina Stage Company

Fall Storytelling Festival

Jack Allison, Fighting HIV with Musical Education


  • Newswriting articles

Final Project: A Chicken Coop, a Rain Barrel and Five Anarchist Housemates (the co-housing movement)

  • Public Affairs Journalism articles

VR Learning and Visualization

  • Political Science paper

Civil Society in Asia: Thailand Paper Ca. 2008 Airport Riots

  • International Law paper

International Law Memoranda, Two Hypotheticals

  • Humanities papers

Lin Zexu and Traditional Confucian Models

The Rubber Army: The Battlefield Art and Deception of the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops

A World Without Pain: An Evaluation of Utilitarianism and Buddhism Applied to Modern Life

  • International Communications papers

Communications Autonomy in the Developing World

  • History of American Media paper

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