Track list: my mondo ’80s music mix

Been working on this for a week, somewhat obsessively! I DO love to make a nice mixtape.

I got the idea for this one when a 22-year-old friend told me he’d never seen Night Court, the ’90s-era sitcom. I wondered how much else he’d missed out on… I tried to make a nice David Bowie mix for him but it didn’t gel.

Somehow it evolved into this. I’m pleased. Wish I could share the actual music, not just a track list.

I welcome your comments — yes, I was pretty loose about defining ’80s music, which IMO continued into the early 90s. And I know the last track is from 1996! But it fits.

1 Senses Working Overtime – XTC
2 Arc of a Diver – Steve Winwood
3 Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel
4 Girlfriend – Matthew Sweet
5 How Soon Is Now? – The Smiths
6 Desperate But Not Serious – Adam Ant
7 No Myth – Michael Penn
8 Fall on Me – R.E.M.
9 The Boy With the Thorn in His Side – The Smiths
10 The Ghost in You – The Psychedelic Furs
11 Pure – The Lightning Seeds
12 Just Like Heaven – The Cure
13 Spirits in the Material World _ The Police
14 Under Pressure- Queen with David Bowie
15 Don’t Change – INXS
16 Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand – Primitive Radio Gods

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