Image snitched from the Frog & Princess blog

Quite possibly the most magical thing I ever saw was compost.

A housemate and I composted all year, and I’d never done it before. When he emptied out the composter and I saw that all the carrot scrapings and mouldy potato peels had become moist, cakelike coal-black soil that smelled earthy and delicious and healthful and new–it was like a magic trick.

Even though I knew what would be in there, I had not expected it to be so black and richly gleaming, like a gourmet brownie or a $7 slice of truffle cake. To this day I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

I wanted to taste it, to eat it.

For Jeff Drum

One response to “Compost

  1. why the fuck would you wanna eat compost are you retarded? oh no your american your a fucking dumb ass

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